FullHD HDMI Video Capture Device



Size 133 x 89 x 29mm
Weight Approximately 150g
Interface USB3.0 (USB2.0 is not supported)
Power Source USB bus power
Video&Audio Input HDMI 1.3
Video&Audio Output HDMI passthrough
Still Image Capture BMP format ( resolution depends on image resolution)
Supported Input Resolution 1920×1080p 60/30/25/24fps, 1920×1080i 60/50field, 1280×720p 60/50fps, 720×576p 50fps, 720×480p 60fps
Audio Input Format 2ch PCM

Operating Environment

OS Windows®10(32Bit/64Bit)
※Currently Only Japanese and English is supported
CPU Equal or More than Intel Core i5 processor 2.4GHz
Main memory More than 4GB is recommend
Hard disk RAID0 with SATA 2.0 and above storage system is highly recommended
※ To achieve stable recording, approximately 500MByte/s of Read/Write throughput is necessary.

※Estimated storage requirement for recording (1 hour of recording)
1080p 60fps:approx900GB
1080p 30fps:approx450GB
1080p 24fps:approx360GB
1080i 60field:approx450GB
720p 60fps:approx400GB
Interface USB3.0 Host
Graphic The latest video board or integrated video of PCI-Express(×16) connection
Chipset Graphic system with normal operation DirectDraw
Sound Sound system with normal operation DirectSound
CD-ROM drive Required for driver and application installation
Internet connection environment Required for driver and application update.

Package Content

MonsterX U3.0R device x 1
USB3.0 Cable x 1
Driver/application installation CD x 1
User Guide x 1
Warranty/User Registration card x 1

Product name・JAN

Product name MonsterX U3.0R
Model name SK-MVXU3R
JAN code 4515692002752


※There is no guarantee that all operations can work on all PC systems.
※This product requires a high spec system for all operations to work correctly.
※It is already highly recommended to have an OS system that is higher spec that what is recommended.
※Windows Aero will be temporarily disabled when the application is running.
※Please ensure that high quality and shielded cable is used to connect to the device. Low quality unshielded cable may cause noise to be introduced into the audio and video source.
※Hardware codec or video post processing is not deployed in this product. As such, in the case of interlaced input source, horizontal interlacing effect (jaggy effect) will be visible.
※There is no guarantee that any selected audio/video codec will work correctly in the recording.
※Copy-protected video will not be allowed to be captured.
※This product is used only to record non-copy-protected TV and video for personal entertainment purpose. Copyright violation may possibly occur in any other condition.
※USB2.0 interface is not supported.
※USB3.0 with data throughput of 300MB/s or more is required. As such, Intel and Renasas(NEC) USB3.0 chipset is highly recommended due it's reliable throughput.
※USB3.0 chipset from Etron, FrescoLogic and VIA are not recommended as tests has shown that the data throughput has been below requirement.
※When throughput falls below 300MB/s, there is no guarantee that 1080p60 video will be transferable.
※Our company will not be responsible for any copyright violation that has occurred while using this product.
※Our company reserves the right to change any specification and appearance of the product without any prior notification.
※Other than initial defect found in the product, we will not entertain any product return in situations like system incompatibility and improper system environment.
※User registration is necessary for receiving the product related supports.
※Phone support is limited to Japanese speaking customers in Japan only. Oversea country support will be limited to email support.
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